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Maundy Thursday Zoom

Dear FPC of Bandon and Friends,

I pray that this finds you in good spirits and looking forward to a new style of worship. Many of you have already Zoomed around, but many more may never have heard of Zoom. Well, Zoom is a Computer Program (capitalized to show respect) that allows a selected group of Internet users to enjoy video conferencing together. We are learning how to adapt our use of Zoom to worshiping.

For Maundy Thursday Rev. Dick Young, Charlotte Pierce and I will be teaming up to present to you an opportunity to use Zoom to worship. We will be celebrating the story of the Last Supper and the institution of Communion. In fact if you have bread and wine (or a substitute) available to you, you may take Communion with us.

We will be following the Bulletin which Rev. Susan Miller prepared before CORVID 19 when she was planning Holy Week in Bandon. The Hymns she had planned are all found in Sing the Faith. With permission, Charlotte has scanned the appropriate pages of the accompaniment book into pdf files which are attached. Each page contains a hymn we will sing together (and not hearing each other) along with part or all of other hymns. If y0u want the music in your hand while Charlotte leads us in singing them, you will need to print the pdf files.

Thursday morning I will be sending an invitation to you to join a meeting in progress. The invitation will include a link to download and install Zoom as well as the number of the meeting and a password you will need to get you out of the waiting room and into the Zoom room.

Any time you have questions you are having trouble getting answered please call me.

Bill Russell\541-290-8595 (I text)

STF 2200




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